I am not a professional visa consultant. I am only sharing my knowledge of what I know about Korean visa application here in the Philippines. If you have any questions, it’s always best to ask the embassy directly though I wouldn’t mind answering some of them.

UPDATE: For any questions, please reach out to me via my Facebook page. I get a lot of comments from readers and it’s getting harder for me to keep up.

Anyway, here are the commonly asked questions:

I have used/unused visas on my passport. Will it help my application?

If you have used OECD visas, then yes — it will definitely help, because you will be considered for expedite processing. They have a dedicated window inside the embassy that accommodates frequent travelers so make sure to bring photocopies of your used visas. However, it’s different if you have unused OECD visas, you will be processed like a first-time traveler.


I have never been to any foreign countries or abroad. Will I get a visa?

As long as you provide correct and complete documents, I do believe it will help increase your chances of visa approval. Though it’s not a guarantee, it will be easier for the consul in processing your application. Make sure to check the official website of the Korean Embassy in the Philippines since they constantly update the requirement list. Download the latest application form directly from the website and check which category you fall under. If you fall under the employee category, here’s a good read: How I Got My Korean Visa in the Philippines.


Will buying roundtrip tickets help my application and prove that I have strong ties to my country?

I don’t think it will help since there is an initial check done by staff inside the embassy where they go through your documents and take out papers that aren’t required by the embassy. They staple the documents together and give you a stub afterwards. There’s no need to buy your plane tickets beforehand (unless they are discounted fares then go ahead and grab that deal). This also applies to hotel bookings/accommodation.


I’m a student/I just graduated. Will my visa application be denied by the embassy?

If you can prove the consul that your parents are sponsoring your trip to Korea and you’re currently enrolled in a school, I think you have a good chance of getting a Korean tourist visa. You must obtain a school certificate as well the following documents from your parents: Bank statements, Income Tax Return (Form 2316), Marriage certificate and Certificate of Employment. You can find the complete list of tourist visa requirements for students here.


I’m a freelancer and have no ITR (Form 2316). What should I do?

It might help if you ask your employer provide you a letter that already includes the reason/s why you are exempted from paying taxes. Though it always best for freelancers to file their due income tax as a law-abiding Filipino.


How much do I need to show in my bank account?

It’s not only about how much you have in your bank account since the Korean Embassy now requires Bank Certificates to have the following information: account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB) as of March 1, 2015. Although there’s no stated minimum in the requirement list, just make sure your ABD should be more than 10-15,000 pesos to prove your capability in financing your trip to Korea.

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UPDATE: For any questions, please reach out to me via my Facebook page. I get a lot of comments from readers and it’s getting harder for me to keep up.