Here’s what you need to know about the biggest indoor theme park in South Korea:

A massive recreation complex located in downtown Seoul. It has an amusement park, Korean Folk Museum, shopping malls, department stores, sports facilities, movie theaters, ice-skating rink and a luxury hotel all in one place.

The amusement park is divided into two main sections – the world’s largest indoor theme park called Lotte World Adventure and an outdoor park called Magic Island. You will find most of the thrilling (and horrifying if I must say) rides in Magic Island, while the child-friendly ones are inside Lotte World Adventure.

The amusement park is open all year round (yes, they are open during Korean holidays as well), but hours of service is only from 9:30 to 22:00. Closing time may vary each day, please refer to the official website of Lotte World.

It is quite easy to get to Lotte World since it is directly connected to a subway station. You only need to use Seoul Metropolitan Subway and find your way to Jamsil station. If you’re coming from Myeongdong station, the ride will take about 30-40 minutes.

You need to pay the admission fees (either get a day pass or an entrance pass) to get in Lotte World. Here is the current price list: Age Range: Babies (under 3), Children (3-12) and Teenagers (13-18)

ONE DAY TICKET Adults Teenagers Children Babies
Full Day 52,000 won 45.000 won 41,000 won 13,000 won
After 4 41,000 won 36,000 won 32,000 won 13,000 won

ADMISSION ONLY Adults Teenagers Children Babies
Full Day 36,000 won 32.000 won 29,000 won Free
After 4 30,000 won 27,000 won 24,000 won Free
After 7 18,000 won 16,000 won 14,000 won Free

My first thought when I arrived in Lotte World: “How I wish my friends were here with me.

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On the day I went to see Lotte World, the place was packed and the lines were insanely long.

There were a lot of people queueing up for the rides. Before you can actually get to ride on one, it would take you an hour or two. Mind you, I intentionally visited on a week day and a non-holiday period to avoid the crowd, but seeing this made me think that perhaps it’s always crazy busy like this regardless of day or season.

Now that I think about it, I should have bought an admission ticket instead. I was not able to make full use of my one-day pass anyway. But hey, at least I got a small discount thanks to the brochure I took from the hostel I was staying in. That gave me a small discount of 15%. I’m already happy with that, but did you know that you can actually get a foreigner discount (up to 45% discount) if you buy the tickets online? I only got to know about this after the trip. Anyway, I still had fun and got to ride a few ones despite the setbacks.

The indoor park is divided into 4 main floors full of rides and attractions. For you to actually enjoy and see each and every attraction inside, you need to spend – at least – one whole day here.

Most of the kiddie rides are located inside like Camelot Carousel (merry-go-round) and Lotty’s Kidstoria (the magical play world for children with the concept of fairytale). There are attractions which adults can enjoy, too. They have interactive VR (Virtual Reality) attractions, which are very fun and engaging. The queues are not that long so you’ll be able to try them for sure. They have roller coasters as well so we won’t miss out on the fun.

If I go into every detail about this park, I swear it would take forever! There are so much to see and do here. You can enjoy watching parades, films, and laser shows. They even have a stage where they present themed musicals to match each season. It’s definitely no wonder they are being compared to Disneyland. 🙂

All photos in this post are taken and edited by me unless stated otherwise.