Soga Miga offers Korean dishes that quite hard to find in most Korean restaurants here in the south of Manila. I plan to come back with my best friend when she comes to visit me here in the Philippines this coming January since she’s a fan of this cuisine as well. My colleagues and I chose to have our team dinner here instead of Sambokojin in Southmall after hearing a lot of positive feedback and read good reviews online about the restaurant.

But I think our expectations were set too high. We were disappointed at how small the serving sizes were especially the side dishes that are usually free or unlimited in other Korean restaurants). Furthermore, our budget was only 4,000 pesos, but we ended up spending 2,000 pesos more. It’s a good thing that their food is good, otherwise we would have had a bad dining experience.

Now let’s talk about their food.
Gochujang Samgyeopsal

I’ve had and tried samgyeopsal before numerous times, but it was never this good. We had Gochujang Samgyeopsal and it was the best dish we ordered from the lot. It looked like a mountain of thinly sliced bacon marinated in sweet red chile paste. It’s already cooked when served. One order costs 800 pesos, but the serving size can feed about 4-5 people. It’s not that spicy too so it’s good for those who can’t handle heat or low tolerance to spicy food.

Next is Bossam. We weren’t supposed to order this dish, but Jokbal was not available. Bossam is basically sliced pork belly meat boiled in different spices. They are usually served with banchan that includes garlic, kimchi and ssamjang (wrap sauce). We ordered the large serving for 1,400 pesos. It is on the pricey end, but it’s a must-try dish. The meat is good on its own, but its better if eaten with ssamjang wrapped in Perilla leaves or lettuce.

We had two orders of Kimchijiggae or Kimchi stew (300 pesos each) that came with free multigrain rice. Their serving was smaller compared to most Korean restaurants. Usually, this steals the spotlight for me whenever I eat out with my friends, but it wasn’t much of a star today. It’s good though, but not as good as the stew from Kkachi.

Although the banchan choices were aplenty, they were not enough for 7 (really hungry) people. And like I said earlier, they were not refillable or unlimited as well. But those are the only cons I could think of about the restaurant. The location and ambiance are great. They also have a great selection of Korean dishes (which explains 90% of their customers are Korean). It’s a family restaurant and I recommend it to those who want to get an authentic taste of Korean food.

Soga Miga Korean Restaurant
Address: Molito Complex, Madrigal Ave. cor. Alabang-Zapote Rd.
Facebook Page | Contact Number: 807-3008 (for reservations)