Ever since I heard about Capsule hotels, I was always intrigued by the concept. When I had a connecting flight to Turkey at Narita airport, I had a 8-hour layover in Japan. I thought of taking the train to see Tokyo to spare time, but I hate feeling rushed or being pressured with time so I decided to just stay put. So I searched online for a hotel nearby and 9 Hours Capsule Hotel came out in the top results.

9 Hours is conveniently located just a few steps outside Narita Terminal 2 and it is one of the premium capsule hotels in Japan. I initially considered booking a normal hotel, because I wanted to make sure I am well-rested before the long flight (it takes 11 hours from Japan to Turkey). But at the same time, I also didn’t want to miss the opportunity and experience it for myself even if it means staying in extremely small “rooms” or capsules.

Much to my surprise, I actually found that sleeping in a capsule bed is quite comfortable. It was more spacious than I expected. I could easily sit with my legs crossed without my head bumping into any interiors since the capsule is quite big. More on that later.

When I checked-in at the hotel, I was provided a locker key to store my luggage and an amenity bag that included loungewear, slippers, bath and hand towels, and a disposable toothbrush and toothpaste. Each guest is provided a 2-tiered locker. It was big enough to store both my backpack and my medium-sized luggage. They even had hangers and a shoe case inside. This capsule hotel offer separate sections for male and female guests by the way.

YES, THERE IS PRIVACY. After you pass through the locker room, the bathroom and shower area comes next. Man, I was so glad to see the shower rooms! They have private changing spaces in each shower stall. I felt so at ease. I thought I would have to go back to the locker room and change my clothes there. The showers were nice and clean, too. The only caveat was there were no bins inside to dispose trash. I had to sort my rubbish first before I could deposit everything in the designated bins near the washroom. The washroom is where you can do your hair and makeup. They provide tissues, paper towels, and hair dryers there as well.

THE CAPSULE ROOMS: The lights in the sleeping quarters are dimmed, but there are numbers written on the floor to find your pod. Since the capsules are stacked next to and on top of one another, I was careful not to make any noise since most were sleeping already by the time I arrived. But it was inevitable because I had to climb a small, flimsy ladder since I got the one on top.

Each capsule had its own electrical outlet and knobs to adjust lights and sounds (a recording that plays the sounds of gentle waves of the ocean), but did not have any doors. It would have felt claustrophobic if they did that though. They have window screens which one can pull down for privacy. To be honest, I expected each capsule to have a television inside, but I figured it’d be wrong since the sleeping quarters is designated a quiet area.

If you want a proper capsule experience in Japan and have a long layover or unplanned stopover at Narita airport, your best bet is 9 Hours. I would definitely recommend this Capsule Hotel. It’s not only convenient, but it’s definitely worth spending a few extra yen.

Nine Hours | Narita Airport Terminal 2
Website: http://ninehours.co.jp/en/narita/
Facebook: facebook.com/ninehours.Inc
Email for Inquires: nrt@ninehours.co.jp
Address: 1-1 Furugome, Narita-City, Chiba 282-0004 Japan