Some major announcements from the Embassy of Republic of Korea in the Philippines!

Walk-in applications are no longer allowed.

Due to increased number of temporary visitor’s visa applicants, in the near future, walk-in applicants will no longer be accepted while only designated travel agencies will be allowed to file temporary visitor’s visa application. Thus, the Korean Embassy in the Philippines is going to designate Philippine travel agencies which will be authorized to apply for temporary visitor’s visa at the Embassy. The 10 agencies which were selected for the group visa are automatically included as designated travel agency. If any travel agency licensed by the Philippine government to handle overseas travel is interested in being one of the designated agencies, please submit required documents by the deadline.

1 Rakso Air Travel and Tours Inc.
2 Hanatour Manila Inc
3 Island Resort Club Tour Services, Inc.
4 International Journeys Inc.
5 Pan Pacific Travel Corporation
6 Rajah Travel Corporation
7 Marsman Drysdale Travel Inc.
8 Grand Hope Travel, Inc.
9 Horizon Travel & Tours, Inc.
10 Ark Travel Express Inc.


Announcement on Change of Visa Fees

Philippine Passport holders:

59 days or less stay in Korea — GRATIS (free)
60 to 90 days stay in Korea — PHP2,000.00

For those planning to say more than 90 days stay in Korea (not applicable for tourist visa)
Single Entry — PHP3,000.00
Multiple Entry — PHP4,500.00


New Additional Requirement for First Time Travellers

From March 26, 2018, all applicants of Windows 1 and 2 (first time travellers who have not travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within the last 5 years) should submit 2316 form if employed with corresponding COMPANY ALPHALIST (Form 1604 CF with BIR received stamp). Also, please highlight your name in the company alphalist. Information of employees other than the visa applicant may be concealed if preferred.

If the applicant cannot submit company alphalist, submit letter of explanation. However, there may be disadvantage in visa approval for those who fails to submit. All self-employed applicants of Windows 1 and 2 should submit BIR FORM with corresponding payment receipt from BIR authorized bank. For inquiries, please email to consular section,


Few notes:

  • I reckon BIR stamped form 1604 or the Company Alpha List will be the hardest document to obtain since that form contains sensitive and confidential information of the company. From what I’ve heard, it’s a master list of all the employees including their salaries. Just don’t see how applicants can acquire such document from their HR.
  • It’s always best to ask the designated travel agencies appointed by the embassy in case you have questions about the new visa requirements enforced for first-time travellers. Remember, walk-in applicants are no longer allowed.
  • The embassy makes announcements from time to time so always make it a point to check the official website. There might be some changes in the way they process visa applications or even small updates on the tourist visa application form.
  • If you’re looking for travel guides, you can always check out my city guide for Seoul here. I’ve been to Korea twice and have mostly focused my travels in their capital and as much as posibble, tried to stay within budget.


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