Tokyo has a lot of popular Hanami (flower viewing) spots, but Ueno Park tops my list among the best places to see Sakura in the city. With over a thousand Sakura trees featuring various types of Cherry Blossoms (hence the shape and color variations) that blooms ever so magnificently in Spring at the 133-acre park, you will surely enjoy and fully appreciate the beauty of Japan’s most well-loved flower. I know I did. 🙂

I knew it was impossible to see the whole of Ueno Park with only a few hours left to spare, so renting a bicycle was clearly the solution. I’m glad to have done that and lucky that my hostel offered bike rentals, because I was able to see mains parts of the park in a short period of time and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the flowering Cherry trees at a leisurely pace. To give you an idea how much bike rental costs in Japan, I paid 500 yen for the rent and made a security deposit of 3000 yen. The deposit was given back after I have safely returned the bicycle, of course.

Since Ueno Park is one of the most popular Hanami spots in Tokyo, it’s best to come in the morning as it gets really noisy and crowded during peak hours. You can also visit the park in the evening if you want to see illuminated Cherry Blossoms by thousands of paper lanterns. The Sakura experience at night was magical and just as spectacular during daytime.

Take the Ueno Park exit at JR Ueno Station.
Free admission. Opening hours: 5AM-11PM.
Most facilities are closed on Mondays.