Ever since my blogger jowa introduced Klook to me, let me tell you – it has been a breeze planning itineraries whenever I go out of the country. I used to do DIY trips all the time to save money, but nothing compares to a hassle-free vacation (more so when you score discounted tickets and travel experiences). Just to be clear, I’m not sponsored to write this review. This is my honest and unbiased opinion about Klook.


For our recent trip to Thailand, I strongly suggested to my best friend to try out some of the activities in Bangkok and Pattaya offered by Klook. It didn’t take that long before I was able to convince her to use the booking platform. I think she was quite pleased by the fact that we won’t have to put so much effort into our itinerary (we’re both busy people) and how easy it was to book for trips or sightseeing tours with just a few simple clicks.

Although if I’ll be honest here, I was hesitant at first because Klook did let me down the first time I tried their service.

Here’s the backstory: I was so upset when Klook canceled on me a few days before the actual tour! There weren’t enough people joining, so they had no choice but to cancel (which is totally understandable, I get it) but honestly, if I were to let them know how they could have handled the situation better, they could have canceled at least a week before. That would have given me, as well as the others who were relying on them, ample time to look for another tour provider. But that’s forgivable so I gave them another shot for my second trip to Thailand.

Glad I did because they definitely did not disappoint this time around! Klook was able to get reliable third-party tour providers. I’m pretty happy with the services we got.

Here’s my honest review of each item:

4G SIM Card (TH Airports Pick Up) for Thailand
Package: BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport (DTAC Counter Pick Up)

  • It’s way cheaper to buy Thailand’s local sim card from Klook rather than purchasing it on the spot at the airport. Normally, it costs 299 baht (if converted, that’s 500 pesos) just to get a local SIM card with unlimited 4G connectivity for 1 week. While it only costs 220 baht (or 368 pesos) on Klook to buy the same item.
  • The very first thing we did as soon as we got out from the arrival hall was pick up our sim card at DTAC counter. When we got there, we simply showed our printed Klook vouchers and they immediately installed the sim cards for us. We just gave them our phones and that’s it. So easy!


Airport Transfers (UTP, DMK or BKK) for Pattaya
Package: DMK Airport – Pattaya

  • To be honest with you, we knew that there were cheaper ways to get to Pattaya from Bangkok (and vice versa), but we just couldn’t be bothered. We went to Thailand for a reason and that is to enjoy our vacation! So we booked a city transfer to Pattaya for 2,970 pesos.
  • We got picked up at DMK airport by a lady driver at Arrival Hall Gate 3 and was pleasantly surprised by the luxury car. Honestly thought we were going to ride a normal sedan, but hey, no complaints here! Although there’s one thing: Throughout the ride, our driver was talking to someone on the phone but we didn’t really mind as she was using a wireless earpiece and had her both hands on the wheel. As long as that’s the case, we’re cool with that.


City Transfers for Pattaya, Thailand
Package: Pattaya – Bangkok

  • Yes, we got another luxury car for our ride home to Bangkok. This time it was a cute guy (according to my best friend lol) who drove really fast. It usually takes 2 hours or more (with or without traffic) to get to Bangkok from Pattaya, but it only took an hour and a half for us to get to our hostel in Bangkok. Imagine that lol.
  • For this one, we spent 2,892 pesos and split the bill in half. It’s a bit expensive, yes I do acknowledge that. However, the convenience you’ll be getting with this service is priceless. We were so tired by the end of the day (because our itinerary is jampacked with activities) and just wanted to get home and sleep.


Alcazar Cabaret Show

Alcazar Cabaret Pattaya
Package: Standard Seat

  • Ticket price for the Alcazar Cabaret show cost 672 pesos each. Although we only got standard seats, we still had a great view of the performers. There weren’t many locals who watched. As a matter of fact, the place was packed with Korean and Chinese tourists. You’ll be given free drinks when you enter the venue by the way.
  • Probably one of the best ladyboy Cabaret shows in Pattaya. I’m only saying “probably” because I’ve only seen one ladyboy Cabaret show in Thailand. But judging from their performance and the number of props and costumes they used for the stage and production number, they must have really given their all. I enjoyed the show (my best friend didn’t, she slept lol).


Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden
Package: Admission + Show

  • Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use our tickets for Nong Nooch Tropical Garden. For some reason, the moment we arrived at our hotel in Pattaya, we just wanted to relax, enjoy the amenities of this beautiful 5-star hotel we’re staying at, swim at the beach nearby and just friggin’ enjoy our vacation.
  • It’s just too bad that the tickets we bought from Klook were non-refundable (they cost 612 pesos per person) so you also have to take note of that when purchasing tickets online. Make sure you won’t back out the last minute because you won’t be able to get your money back even if those tickets are unused.


How about you? How’s your experience with Klook so far? Tell me in the comments section below.