I found a few hidden gems while scouring the internet on how I could save some money while traveling in Korea. There are some really good deals here that you don’t want to miss out on. Read on if you want to make the most of your trip!

A promotion launched by Korea Tourism Organization together with Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom that will only run until the end of 2016: Enjoy Mobile Korea. You simply have to send an online application through their official website and a winner will be chosen every week. Once you have been chosen, you can enjoy a free rental of their latest smartphone that comes with free voice calls, SMS messages, and data for 5 days.

I recommend that you apply weeks ahead before your trip. Since I only found out about this promotion a few days ago, the service dates I chose (July 8-12) in the application form have already been grayed out. To know more about Enjoy Mobile Korea program, you can read the full article here. There’s another promotion where international visitors of South Korea can get a free EG SIM card, but it’s only until July 31 this year. If you are traveling before that date, you can participate in the event by applying through EG Sim card’s website.


I found two websites that provides various shopping discount coupons you can use any time of the year. First up, Visit Korea Committee. You can find some of their printable coupons below to enjoy a more economical shopping tour while in Korea! When printing the coupons, make sure you choose a branch that is most convenient or easily accessible to you. Next is Korea Tourism Organization discount coupons. They focus on more on services and attractions in South Korea. I especially like K-Shuttle Tour promotion since it’s designed to cater foreign visitors who wish to tour around Korea in a convenient way.


Thanks to Seoul Global Cultural Center and Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center you can now try on traditional Korean clothing for free. However, these centers do not accept advanced bookings or reservations. They only accept walk-ins. So I recommend paying these centers a visit in the morning to get a good time slot. It’s quite popular among tourists they only give 10 minutes per slot. By the way, Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center also offers international travelers a chance to immerse in various cultural experience programs!

Program Cultural Performances & Lectures Hanbok Experience Traditional Arts & Crafts Kpop Dance Class Taekwondo + Dance Class
Eligibility Everyone Foreigners Foreigners Foreigners Foreigners
Time (Subject to change each month) 10:30~19:00 Every Tuesday~Friday
Every Friday, March~October
Every Tuesday, April~October
Fee (Subject to change each month) Free Free 2,000 won 2,000 won
Capacity 196 people 10~20 people 40 people 40 people
Reservation Internet, On-site On-site Advance reservation, minimum of 5 people required Internet, On-site Internet, On-site

*This table is taken directly from Visit Seoul website.

Where can you find these centers? 
They are both located in Myeong-dong.
The Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center is on the 5th floor of M-Plaza.
Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center is on the 1st Floor of KEB building.


*Picture grabbed from their Facebook page.

There are a number of free walking tours offered in Seoul, but the one that stood out the most for me is Seoul Free Walking Tour. To be honest I haven’t personally tried the tour so I can’t say much. However, the 5-star reviews on their Facebook page says a lot. Oh and I read somewhere that most of the tour guides are Korean college students. They will guide you around the city’s most interesting spots and tell you a little bit about their history.