One of the highlights during my trip to Japan.

Since my friend Kat and I were staying in Namba, Osaka, we had to take the train to Nara. We woke up early for this trip, but got lost on our way there somehow despite studying Japan’s railroad network beforehand. It took us 2 hours to figure everything out. The train took us back and forth and we were basically going around in circles. It was frustrating, but a learning experience for the both of us.

It was almost lunch time when we finally arrived at our destination. We were both tired and hungry, but all that went out of the window as soon as we saw the deers walking around the park. By the way, we had to buy a day pass to go around Nara since we were told that our Japan Rail Passes won’t work in this prefecture.

I was scared to come close to the deer at first – having little to no knowledge about their kind. They get enthusiastic when you show them food especially deer cookies/biscuits so be careful. There’s an old lady nearby the park that sells them for 150 yen.

Although they may look friendly, they will get aggressive and chase you as soon as they see you have food. In fact, any kind of food. Anyway, I gave up and dropped the biscuits on the ground, because I was scared that they would bite me since I read on a blog somewhere that they tend to bite your clothes (even bags) and I wasn’t really prepared for that.

There are lots of food stalls and tax-free shops near the park. Some items sold there are not available elsewhere, but they’re priced a bit higher since they are located at a prime tourist spot. We spent about an hour just looking around and trying out the street food in Nara.

It was around that time that the tourists came pouring in. We wanted to go see the Great Buddha Hall that houses world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha, but the crowd was overwhelming. We just took a few snaps and got out of the vicinity since it was time for us to go to Kyoto to see Arashiyama Bamboo Grove and Fushimi Inari Taisha. 🙂

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